Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A new direction

In one weeks time I become a fully fledged uni student, yep my university journey is just about to start. I've selected my courses, have read my course profiles (OMG!) and have had a mild panic attack, how am I going to do it? Kids, husband, work, little star and now uni! I'm sure I will be fine, I thrive on chao's and stress, but wow, just wow!

This blog will most likely take on a whole new direction, there will probably be alot of venting, and alot of stuff on keeping organised and motivated.

I'm excited and scared all at once.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Well well, here I am, yes I know it has been a long time, I'm sorry blog, I didn't 'really' forget about you,, well maybe a teeny bit, but mostly life has just gotten in the way.

Since I did my last post alot has happened, we went on our month long outback trip and had an absolute ball, we decided to pack up our home in Coolum and move to Yeppoon (my husband got a job there), I got accepted into my Home Economics course at CQUniversity and Little Star is going great guns AND I start a new job this week with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program at my children's school, I'm so excited about this, I can't wait to get started.

Yep, life is great!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

what i've been up to

due to my brother in law moving in and stealing my beloved sewing room I have had to move into a new space, it used to be the store room and I wish I had of taken a before photo, it was scary. my new sewing room/study area/office is nearly complete, I was planning on painting the shelves white but I've decided I like the raw look of the timber, plus who has time to paint all those shelves, not me thats for sure.

I'm actually quite happy here in my new space, the old one was much 'nicer' but this one has alot more shelving space, I love to see my fabric stash all stacked up nice and neatly.

Sadly I am not getting any sewing done at the moment, and am not able to take on any orders for a couple of weeks yet due to a heavy uni work load and me not grasping algebra (see below), it's depressing me.

the study area where I am spending most of my time lately

this algebra stuff is really getting to me, I am spending way too much time on it and am waiting for the light bulb to click. Maths has never been my forte but I have to do this so I can do my Home Ec teaching degree, I really really want it, so am NOT giving up!

a little herb garden, I thought it was about time I got my herbs growing again, I really hate spending money on herbs when you never use the whole bunch, so far so good.

a photo wall I have been planning on doing for a very long time, i needed some time out to be creative, feels good to finally have it done.

Monday, May 9, 2011

the family rules

i decided we needed some 'rules' for our family, i didn't feel like paying the $$$ to get one of the busroll thingys made so i made my own, kind of one :) we all sat down together and figured out what to put on it. love it.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

a room to call her own....

finally after 6 and a half years our zoe has her own pretty room :) i cannot wait for her to get home from school to see (i should be doing my algebra assignment but this was WAY more fun)

the fabrics used are from the beautiful Riley Blake Sugar & Spice The Quilted Fish range, we just love it, zoe picked all the fabrics herself and i was so happy because turquoise and red are my favourite colour combination.

i made the book sling from this tutorial at Penny Carnival
the fabric wall decals were made by me :) i'm so happy how they turned out, if anyone wants to know how i did it please leave a comment and i will do a little tutorial for you :)

1 hour to go and there will be excitement plus

Monday, April 25, 2011

sewing for fun, but what should I make?

should i make this very cute lunch bag or.....

do i sew myself a new bag? i bought this pattern a few weeks ago and am dying to make it or.....

do i make this fab book sling for the boys bedroom?

maybe if i hurry i can get all three made on this lovely lazy rainy Anzac Day :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

it's official, i need a break....

juggling everything has taken it's toll the past couple of weeks and i really need to chill out for a few weeks, it's hard for me to admit that, i usually do so well at keeping up.

when i say chill out, i mean not doing 100 things all at the same time, i'm going to have a little Little Star break, get my house in order, concentrate on my studies, and maybe try and sew something for fun for a change. this morning jack come to me and stated that "i make stuff for everyone else, but not for him" and sadly, that is true, i haven't made one single thing for him in over a year.

so for the month of may i am going to try very hard to get organised and learn to say no.

i will be having a Little Star sale over at my facebook page in the next couple of weeks, one of my tasks is to clean out my sewing room and you guys will reap the benefits of that! so stay tuned :)

thanks :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BIG success....

the weather was perfect, so lucky as it had been raining all week!

so many great finds

inside the 2nd hand hall

My little hero has the funkiest capes and superhero gear out there! Check them out here in their Made It store I'm in love with Cotton Caboose and their beautiful range of cute clothing, the fabric combos are just gorgeous, find them here on etsy more Cotton Caboose i loved the Little Ripple stall, it was Nic's very first market and she did such a great job, if you are after the most gorgeous photo cards and invitations head over to Little Ripple beautiful handmade softies by bekahdu , everything is so perfectly made and has their own little personality, check them out here on their facebook page
we are so lucky here on the Sunshine Coast, there are so many fantastic and creative people. it was fantastic to showcase so many of them on Sunday. sadly I couldn't get photos of every stall and forgot to get one of my own! so looking forward to doing this market again next year at the Coolum State School.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

there's a first time for everything

tomorrow i am holding my first market, oh my gosh i am nervous! last week i was nervous that i didn't have enough stallholders and now i'm nervous that i have too many, in the past 5 days the numbers have risen to 70 stalls

anyway it's going to be great, it's a fundraiser for my children's school and i'm so proud to have done it, now i just have to pull it off! please be kind to me weather, we have had already had to move to the undercover areas because the oval was too wet, i don't need rain tomorrow.

it has to be perfect!

Friday, April 8, 2011

sneak peek

here's a sneak peek of a very simple tummy time quilt i'm working lovely customer requested the colours torquoise, lime green, red and white. what do you think? i LOVE the fabric combos. a mixture of michael miller and riley blake, beautiful!

there will be matching bunting

and a couple of scatter cushions too what a beautiful little girls room it will be
hopefully i will have it finished by the end of today!