Saturday, December 18, 2010

Vision Board...FUN!

A couple of months ago I did a fantastic vision board workshop with Kaleidoscope Events It was a wonderful afternoon of sitting around with a bunch of great girls in beautiful surrounds
having some champas and nibbles.
I went through magazines and found images, quotes and words that meant something to me, or that I hoped and dreamed to have oneday.

I've put my vision board right next to my sewing machine where I spend most of my time and I find myself looking at it alot, it truly does inspire me!

I think doing a vision board with a group of friends, or even just like minded people really helps get the creative juices flowing, so many things on my board are of images that some of the other girls passed over the table to me because they thought of me when they saw it.

If your on the Sunshine Coast Kaleidoscope is planning another vision board workshop in January, click here to find out more details.
I think everyone should have one, it makes a huge difference to your life if you can see the big picture and see your ideas right there in front of you all the time.