Monday, September 20, 2010

Ottobre "one fine day" patchwork ruffle skirt 1/2009

Massive twirlability here!

A few weeks ago Zoe informed me that I never made her anything anymore and that I only make things for other people, well didn't that make me feel guilty! I gave her my Ottobre mags to told her to choose something. Of course she chose the most difficult and time consuming thing out of all the magazines that I have! The One Fine Day patchwork ruffle skirt from Issue 1/2009.

After getting my head around the pattern, which took quite a while I must say (#1 I'm not good at patterns & #2 this is pretty complicated) I got started, and really it wasn't that hard. Used up lots of cotton and brain space, but gosh it was worth it!

And I got it finished just in time for her 6th birthday party!

I changed the pattern a little bit by using commercial binding and I added a panel to the top of the skirt as it was a little too short for her.

What do you think?
I would have loved a skirt like this when I was six!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Little Star World = busy times

Things have been rather hectic around here lately, lots and lots of sewing has been going on with not much blogging. I've got a few spare minutes before the children are home from school and the afternoon/nightime craziness begins.

I'm getting extremely excited about the launch of the Kaleidoscope Markets on the 4th November at the Kawana Community Centre here on the Sunshine Coast, I have held off doing any other market as I'm pretty sure these ones will be the best! Actually I know they will be, my good friend Fi is doing a wonderful job of making sure there are lots of wonderful stall holders for both kids & mums & some fantastic activities to keep the little ones busy. I'm busy getting my stock organised and have come up with a great design for my stall, trying to think outside the square and do something a little different!
Today I was able to finish off a few orders, a very cute Magoo monkey for a gorgeous little boy named Xavier, I love knowing that he will have his Magoo for years and maybe he might end up being his favourite snuggle for years to come.