Friday, December 18, 2009

2009 Advent Blog-A-Long - #18 Over and Out

Tomorrow we move out of my parents for good and head to the caravan park at the beach for two wonderful weeks. I've spent the past couple of days packing (for the 6th time this year) attempting to clean the house with 3 grubs that keep pulling stuff out and getting organised for Christmas. I'm thinking I might not take the laptop with me to the caravan park, I think I need a break to actually read a book and do some quiet embroidery.
So just in case I don't pop back in, have a wonderful Christmas, sorry I failed at the blog a day, I should have known this would be a terrible time of year for me to do it for the first time.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2009 Advent Blog-A-Long #16 So it was another one of 'those' days

I seem to be having those days alot lately, todays drama was the worst yet I think, I decided to start packing the caravan for our little holiday today and opened the fridge door to put some tupperware in there, well omg I have never smelt something more disgusting in my life, seriously there was nothing worse than this, the fridge had stopped working, god knows how long ago and the chicken that I had in the freezer had dissolved into a green sloppy mess, 1kg of chicken breasts and some other unrecognisable 'something'.

I can't seem to get the smell out of my nose and I'm pretty sure I may never eat chicken again.
I've just been to Coles and got a long list of things that may get rid of the smell, vinegar, bicarb, nilodor, vanilla and tomorrow I have to find some coal somewhere as apprently this is the best.

Not sure how I am going to sleep in that caravan in a couple of days time, it smells like someone died in there! Wish me luck!

Monday, December 14, 2009

2009 Advent Blog A Long - #14 Happy 1st Birthday beautiful boy

I know I'm a day early for your birthday wishes but I didn't want to miss this. Thank you for being such a wonderful little baby, you are the happiest little guy and I couldn't wish for better. We had a rough start you and I, my body not behaving itself and you being in a rush to meet your very lucky family. You arrived 2 months early and have been a surprise right from the moment we found out you existed, what a great suprise you were!

Your only a few hours old

Your little tiny beenie, I sat next to your bed when you were one day old making this for you, it is as big as my fist

In your very cute teeny tiny Willow & Moo outfit

A few weeks old

Starting to look like the little pudding that you are

Happy 1st birthday my darling boy you are pure joy to have around

Sunday, December 13, 2009

2009 Advent Blog-A-Long - #13 I'm banning myself

I'm banning myself from sewing for the next few days, I have even gone as far as putting the electrical cord from my machine into the Husbands car so I can't be tempted, I have become somewhat addicted and nothing is getting done around here. Not a problem you say? Well this week we have to pack all our stuff up at my Mum & Dads and live in a caravan for two weeks then move back to our house in Coolum, I'm running out of time!

I started making this skirt at 4.10am this morning (see told you I was addicted) Sam woke up then and wouldn't go back to sleep so I sewed. I took this pattern of one of my sisters wrap skirts years ago and had never done anything with it. It turned out perfectly and I just love this Heather Bailey fabric, I didn't want to go and add different colour trim or anything like that just in case it didn't turn out, luckily it did! It's nice to be sewing for myself again, it's been a long long time.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

2009 Advent Blog-A-Long - #12 I actually finished a quilt!

Finishing a quilt is a huge deal for me even if it is only a small 100 x 100 knee quilt, it's the first time I have ever finished one and the first time I have ever done binding, which wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. Jack saw me making it yesterday and asked could he have one, he loved it (it's one of his Christmas presents) he will be so happy when he receives it as he often misses out on having things made for him.

Friday, December 11, 2009

2009 Advent Blog-A-Long - #11 A plate to share freak out

Yesterday was a shocker, everything that could go wrong, went wrong. I didn't know it was free dress day at school, I didn't know we had to bring a plate to share (I found this out AFTER I had driven back home and back up to the school to take the clothes!) and I didn't know we were meant to take clothes to get wet in....yes it seems I have missed a note somewhere along the line. And I was still getting over my silly fight with my gorgeous sister :(
I need to add that it was 38 degrees here and I had to cart a very heavy nearly 1 year old in and out of the car and up the hill to the classroom numerous times!
I didn't have time to go to the shop to buy anything for the plate to share, thank god I had some Milk Arrowroots, a tub of good ole Betty Crocker chocolate icing and some 100 & 1000's in the cupboard.

Today I am not leaving the house.

Here are the finished thank you gifts for the lovely teachers who have taught Jack & Zoe this year. I found an old Christmas Noddy book at the book exchange a few weeks back for 20cents and decided to turn it into cute christmas cards. The bookmarks turned out great, and I think they will be appreciated.

Here is the cute little jumpsuit I made my new baby niece for Christmas, I love this fabric...the jumpsuit looks alot better in real life than it does in the photo.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

2009 Advent Blog A Long - I haven't forgotten

My computer at home will not let me go into my blog for some strange reason, it's saying something about security??? So I'm at work sneaking in a blog post, very frustrating!

I've been doing a little bit of sewing, getting thank you gifts finished, the 3 quilts are being worked on (not sure I will get them done by Christmas now :( and I've sewn some cute little clothes for my new baby niece.

I had a very silly and embarrasing fight with my sister this morning over our Nan's tin of buttons which it seems I am very attached to, the way I carried on was a little bit ridiculous I must say, hmm am I sentimental or what?! Sorry Sal, you know I am nuts xo

Big news this week is we are moving back to Coolum on the 8th January, our tenants have broken the lease and I just want my house back, I am crazily home sick and our trip will now be cut to only 2 months, but hey I can't have everything can I.

Ok crying baby, gotta go, will come back when I can!

Monday, December 7, 2009

2009 Advent Blog-A-Long - #6 Opps I forgot

I got into bed last night and remembered I didn't post, slack me. I spent the day sewing and playing with the kids, slowly getting through the list and I'm also working on a new pattern, watch this space!

Should have something more exciting later!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

2009 Advent Blog-A-Long - #5 No sew Saturday

but I did make my new top last night and I love it! I will have to get the Husband to take a pic when he gets back from camping for me. The Amelia top from Froglegs and Ponytails is great to make, so easy, I completed it in an hour. Also I got so much exciting mail yesterday it wasn't funny, I got my two orders from the States at the same time, which is kind of strange cause they were ordered a week apart. I also got my MIP Lazy Day Hat pattern that I am dying to make. Not today though, I'm off to a party in my new Amelia top!

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday.

Friday, December 4, 2009

2009 Advent Blog A Long - #4 Random Ramblings

Not much sewing will be happening today, or this weekend by the looks of it, dh has decided to go camping at Double Island Point on a boys weekend with his brothers, it's going to be perfect weather for camping, I owe him a few weekends away so I can't complain :)

In two weeks we will be heading off to the gorgeous Mudjimba Beach Caravan Park for 2 weeks over Christmas, gosh I can't wait, will be such a lovely stress free Christmas this year, no driving all over the coast, if the family want to see us they can come to us for a change.

I won't be taking my sewing machine this time around, it's too hot to put the annexe of the van up so I will have to keep my hands busy doing some embroidery. I will most likely make some more of these cute little pin cushions. I made these two for a couple of beautiful friends who made Sam some gorgeous miniature premmie clothes when he was born xo

Thursday, December 3, 2009

2009 Advent Blog-A-Long - #3 what I've been up to

Slowly slowly I am getting through the list, things seem to be working against me though, a baby who is into everything and wants to be picked up all day (which I don't really complain about cause I love his cuddles) having to go and do the bookwork for the husbands business (blah) and a silly silly store delivering the wrong fabric colour (idiots), oh and I forgot to mention I totally stuffed up Mr 6's christmas present and left it sitting on the couch and completely forgot to put it away before he got home from school, well he has had a lovely time playing with it this afternoon...opps

Anyway this is what I have been getting up to today, 2 cushions have been completed and ready to send off, and I have 5 bookmarks made for the teachers/daycarers for the thank you gifts.


One of my fabric orders has just turned up and it's WRONG! 8 metres of wrong fabric, I could just cry, I have orders to get out and now no nice dark denim to do them, they decided in their wisdom because the dark denim was out of stock that they would send light denim instead, 8 metres of it! A phone call would have helped don't you think. Damn Damn Damn!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2009 Advent Blog-A-Long - #2 getting there

I thought I had better post now before my littlest man wakes up as I won't get time later on.
I've fully completed one cushion and have two more that just need stuffing. I'm desperately waiting on my fabric to arrive from the States, everytime there is a knock on the door I go running, only to find it's an Austar man or real estate agent, damn door knockers!

Anyway that's it from me today, I hope the rest of you are having a wonderfully creative day.

Have I mentioned how much I am in love with my new sewing machine?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2009 Advent Blog-A-Long - #1 - I have a list

I have a list a mile long....

So many things I have to make and I end up going around in circles and end up not doing anything!

So here is my list:

  • knee quilts for J, Z & S
  • make bookmarks & cards for teacher thank you's

  • 4 x name cushions (Billy, Flynn, Chloe & Sam)

  • 3 x bag orders

  • 4 x nappy/wipe pouch orders

  • santa sacks

  • shorts for Oliver

  • little zippered pouches for friends gifts
  • the Frog Leg & Ponytails Amelia Top for me :)

Hopefully when I come back in to do my post tomorrow I can actually say I've done some of it!

Happy 1st day of Summer!