Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some more shorties

This is the result of having a baby who doesn't sleep, I get to have him on my lap (his happiest place to be) and crochet for him. I need to lanolise them and wait for our prefold nappies to arrive and Sam can start wearing them. These ones turned out much better than the first pair I did.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A hat for Sam

A cute little cowboy hat, I just love this fabric and have since become a little bit addicted to making these hats, they are so easy! Getting the size right isn't the easiest though and this one turned out too big, oh well he will grow into it.

I'm back!

Has it been that long since I posted? Terrible!

Well to be honest I have good reason, my little baby Samuel decided to arrive 2 months early on the 15th December 08.

Since he arrived I have been in a very creative space and have lots to blog.

Here is my beautiful little man, 3 weeks after he was born, wearing a gorgeous
Tin Whistle design, thanks Milly :)