Tuesday, May 17, 2011

what i've been up to

due to my brother in law moving in and stealing my beloved sewing room I have had to move into a new space, it used to be the store room and I wish I had of taken a before photo, it was scary. my new sewing room/study area/office is nearly complete, I was planning on painting the shelves white but I've decided I like the raw look of the timber, plus who has time to paint all those shelves, not me thats for sure.

I'm actually quite happy here in my new space, the old one was much 'nicer' but this one has alot more shelving space, I love to see my fabric stash all stacked up nice and neatly.

Sadly I am not getting any sewing done at the moment, and am not able to take on any orders for a couple of weeks yet due to a heavy uni work load and me not grasping algebra (see below), it's depressing me.

the study area where I am spending most of my time lately

this algebra stuff is really getting to me, I am spending way too much time on it and am waiting for the light bulb to click. Maths has never been my forte but I have to do this so I can do my Home Ec teaching degree, I really really want it, so am NOT giving up!

a little herb garden, I thought it was about time I got my herbs growing again, I really hate spending money on herbs when you never use the whole bunch, so far so good.

a photo wall I have been planning on doing for a very long time, i needed some time out to be creative, feels good to finally have it done.

Monday, May 9, 2011

the family rules

i decided we needed some 'rules' for our family, i didn't feel like paying the $$$ to get one of the busroll thingys made so i made my own, kind of one :) we all sat down together and figured out what to put on it. love it.