Saturday, October 30, 2010

I must apologise

Firstly because my blog is so boring at the moment.
Secondly because I'm just too busy to put anything of value on here.

Little Star Design has gone crazy, I've got orders coming left right and centre (not that I'm complaining!) and I'm sewing around 10 hours a day at the moment and feel guilty when I'm not. Like right now I 'should' be sewing but instead here I am on the computer and thinking of going to bed instead of heading to the sewing room.

This Thursday is the Kaleidoscope Markets, cannot wait!

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Jane and Lou said...

hi, just discovered you (via facebook)! I'm loving the pillows with the names - I WANT ONE! and the pink skirt - you are so clever - glad business is going well. Are you gonna add a followers gadget to your blog? I'm sure people would love to follow! Well, I'll be back to visit, come visit me @ All the best, Jane:)