Sunday, February 14, 2010

How times have changed

I was thinking today how much has changed since 2004 when I first started Little Star Designs.

I was doing the same cushions then, and hand embroidered ones and sadly had to go back to work and my sewing went on the back burner for a while.

There was no blogging, no Etsy, no Made It and definitely no Facebook, I'm not even sure I used Google then.

All I had to rely on was Ebay and my very simple website that I made myself and word of mouth the old fashioned way.

I used to sit at the kitchen table and sew and would have to pack up after every session otherwise we would have no where to eat, at one stage I got sick of that and put our camping table in the bathroom with all my sewing gear on it, that was desperation lol, now I have a sewing room.

I had no overlocker, everything was zigzaged or french seamed.

and it never occured to me to buy fabric anywhere other than Spotlight, now I only buy awesome beautiful fabrics from overseas.

I wonder what will have changed in another 6 years time?

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