Friday, February 19, 2010

My Sewing Space

I finally have my room just the way I want it (for now, somehow it keeps evolving), it's so nice to have a nice tidy room, one that I want to spend all my time in. Adrian says I love that room more than him haha...well maybe just a little bit ;) I would sleep in there if it could fit a bed.

All my bits & pieces where they belong at arms reach

My fabric stash which is going to grow next week when a whole new stack arrives , I can't wait!

Our old tv cabiet, I've removed the doors so everything is easily accessible

the view from the entry door, during the day the light is amazing through the lourve windows

Yes, I do have a little obsession with buttons :) I just can't help it.


Mrs Bloggs Cec said...

That is a seriously delightful sewing room! I would move a bed in there too, Im jealous and if we move im modelling my sewing room on yours lol. Next to the buttons on the shelf in the glass jars the yellow one really looks like it has lollies in it hmmm r u sure you haven't a stash of sweets in there. Have fun and enjoy your sewing you have a great setup

Amanda - Little Star Designs said...

Thanks Cecily, I truly love it, I waited a long time and am enjoying it so much :) No they aren't lollies, but what a good idea, I might just have to do that.

mummymadesigns said...

Im thinking of overtaking the laundry at our house its a long galley but bonus is there is a door on it, neg its hot in summer, but i can see it has more potential than the corner of the my space ha !