Thursday, April 21, 2011

it's official, i need a break....

juggling everything has taken it's toll the past couple of weeks and i really need to chill out for a few weeks, it's hard for me to admit that, i usually do so well at keeping up.

when i say chill out, i mean not doing 100 things all at the same time, i'm going to have a little Little Star break, get my house in order, concentrate on my studies, and maybe try and sew something for fun for a change. this morning jack come to me and stated that "i make stuff for everyone else, but not for him" and sadly, that is true, i haven't made one single thing for him in over a year.

so for the month of may i am going to try very hard to get organised and learn to say no.

i will be having a Little Star sale over at my facebook page in the next couple of weeks, one of my tasks is to clean out my sewing room and you guys will reap the benefits of that! so stay tuned :)

thanks :)

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Cathy said...

I hear you! I had to learn to say no and now I'm majorly scaling back invitation/craft work - maybe even giving it up altogether! I just had way too much on my plate and kept taking on more!