Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Shorts for Zo

I was itching to use my new sewing room so I ended up whipping up some little shorts for Zoe last night in the gorgeous pink & white animal print, she was so excited to see them this morning exclaiming with flapping hands "Are they for meeeeee" she just had to wear them to daycare this morning. I used a boys shorts pattern as I only had a nice girls one in Size 3 and she ain't that big yet.


Cupcake185 said...

Hi, i found your site from newbie sewers on EB.. I was wondering what size the shorts were? I have a son who is 15.5months and would love to make him something similar. what is the pattern??


Amanda said...

The pattern is one I made up from another pair of shorts Zoe had, I think from memory they would be Size 1 or maybe a 2? She is nearly 4 but still in Size 1. I can send you a copy if you like.