Friday, November 27, 2009

The easiest skirt

I made this skirt today for Zoe, I was on a mission because she has decided she doesn't like anything I make her anymore, we sat down and had a chat and I asked her what would she like me to make her, she said a skirt, she doesn't like dresses anymore :( (I'd made her two dresses during the week, she hates both of them) so I made her a skirt with an elastic waist, one of those easy rectangle gathered skirts that take 20mins to make, of course she complained that the elastic itched her, grrr no pleasing my miss 5.

So I decided to make the same skirt out of fabric she picked herself (we got it in the bargain bin at Spotlight a few months ago) and instead of an elastic waist I put a waist band with a zipper in the back, some little pockets and ric rac feature, the buttons are from my dear Nan's button tin. Oh and I used a little more fabric to make it extra full and twirly (I needed to cover all bases lol)

She LOVES it! I have a winner.

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Karen said...

Hooray!!!! So glad you finally have a winner Amanda.
I, of course, think both skirts look lovely - but then I am not five.
Blog the dresses when you get a chance, maybe they could be the start of your Made It store.