Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Today is the start of my new pact

To sew something every single day, or at least cut something out ready to sew for the next day.

I've had some orders come through for bags to be ready by Christmas, plus I would really love to get stock together so I can go to the local Friday night markets that will start up really soon.

Somehow I never seem to get the time to blog what I have made, I'm not sure how other crafters do it?

ahhh I will endeavour to be better.

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willow & moo said...

You just have to make it part of what you do. I always find that I am relieved and excited when I've finished a project. Sometimes I don't want to pull out the camera, but if I let it go too long, the photo never happens and then I regret it. My blog for me has been a way to document what I create. This way I can look back and say, "Oh yeah, that's what I've been doing with my time."

Come on Amanda, I want to see what you've been creating. :)