Saturday, November 28, 2009

my fussy Miss 5

yes, that's right, Little Miss 5 does not like them one little bit...the fabrics aren't great, thank god I didn't use my good stuff and they are not sewn to perfection but I really like them!

The first one is made using the wonderful That Darn Kat pattern, I love it and it was extra easy to make, I think a few friends will be putting their hands up for one of these.

The second is a combination of a couple of different dresses, I made a pillowcase style dress and added sleeves from another pattern that I have, I used fabric that was out of the bargain bin for $1 a metre just incase it didn't work. Maybe oneday she will decide she likes them.

1 comment:

Mrs Bloggs Cec said...

they are really cute, she will change her mind, my nearly 5 yold did that /does that all the time.