Thursday, December 3, 2009

2009 Advent Blog-A-Long - #3 what I've been up to

Slowly slowly I am getting through the list, things seem to be working against me though, a baby who is into everything and wants to be picked up all day (which I don't really complain about cause I love his cuddles) having to go and do the bookwork for the husbands business (blah) and a silly silly store delivering the wrong fabric colour (idiots), oh and I forgot to mention I totally stuffed up Mr 6's christmas present and left it sitting on the couch and completely forgot to put it away before he got home from school, well he has had a lovely time playing with it this afternoon...opps

Anyway this is what I have been getting up to today, 2 cushions have been completed and ready to send off, and I have 5 bookmarks made for the teachers/daycarers for the thank you gifts.

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