Thursday, December 3, 2009


One of my fabric orders has just turned up and it's WRONG! 8 metres of wrong fabric, I could just cry, I have orders to get out and now no nice dark denim to do them, they decided in their wisdom because the dark denim was out of stock that they would send light denim instead, 8 metres of it! A phone call would have helped don't you think. Damn Damn Damn!


Amber said...

Grrr indeed! Sounds very typical of fabric wholesalers... first you wait about 8 weeks for your order to be shipped (yes, on a boat!) to Australia, and the supplier buggers up and sends you the wrong thing anyway. (Can you tell it's happened to me too??)

Becky said...

Fancy thinking 'near enough is good enough'! Glad not everyone runs business this way!