Monday, December 14, 2009

2009 Advent Blog A Long - #14 Happy 1st Birthday beautiful boy

I know I'm a day early for your birthday wishes but I didn't want to miss this. Thank you for being such a wonderful little baby, you are the happiest little guy and I couldn't wish for better. We had a rough start you and I, my body not behaving itself and you being in a rush to meet your very lucky family. You arrived 2 months early and have been a surprise right from the moment we found out you existed, what a great suprise you were!

Your only a few hours old

Your little tiny beenie, I sat next to your bed when you were one day old making this for you, it is as big as my fist

In your very cute teeny tiny Willow & Moo outfit

A few weeks old

Starting to look like the little pudding that you are

Happy 1st birthday my darling boy you are pure joy to have around


Miss Amy said...

Wow he was so tiny!! Happy Birthday Sam!! He is just beautiful of course! Well done!

thefruitysalad said...

what an adorable baby. Happy Birthday little guy!!